What will we tell the children?

This morning I ran, like many other mornings, with the sky sobbed. Twinkling lights danced a waltz, coyotes howled and I thought, “What will we tell the children?”

How will we explain the hatred, the bigotry, the prejudice?

How will we rise up, be like the mountain I climb, strong and fortuitous yet peaceful and gentle?

Thirty minutes and 4 miles later I was left to think that we will. We will. We will tell the children what they need to hear, what they need to rise up, not to shelter them but to fill them with hope and promise, for they are the hope and promise we need. We will teach them that they are strong, SHE is strong, she can be anything, anyone, everyone. We will show them, with our legs, our spirits our actions that women are powerful.

Just as our brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers did for us and theirs did for them, we will press on. We will raise them right, assuring they know that justice and freedom are worth fighting for and that we will not surrender.

The sky continued to cry. The coyote howled and back to the real world. We need saving.

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