Look Up


I think of this quote often. If you’re not doing what you absolutely love doing, what makes your heart soar, what makes your entire being explode with joy, then stop doing it and find your true purpose. What is my true purpose?


Heck, I don’t know! Well, that’s what this whole life thing is about, right? These years we have here, they’re for finding that purpose, for exploring, creating, searching, sharing, loving. Live with passion and you will find it.

While I may not have discovered my true purpose yet, I do know what I love. I love running, I love kids, I love playing, I love teaching and exploring and watching little minds unfold and discover and be amazed. Today, I started teaching and it was just such a happy day. This Monday, January 4th marked my very first day as a preschool teacher. I ran my two littles to preschool, dropped them on the playground with kisses and hugs and watched them sprint full speed to the tricycles, giggling with excitement. I turned the short corner and entered my classroom where I would soon greet eight 2-year-olds. Together we would play, explore, learn, paint, make messes, laugh, cuddle, read.

The four hours with these little kids flew by and left me amazed and filled with passion. That’s what it’s all about. Then I picked up my own two children from their own classrooms, re-loaded them into the double Bob and ran our way home, smiling and sharing stories from our day.

We kept the storytelling going at home, and spent the afternoon painting sunsets, talking about beauty and passion. The kids have been a bit obsessed with sunsets lately. The pink sky leaves them speechless, they appreciate the simple and stunning beauty that can be found by simply.. looking up. So at 4:00pm, the “magic hour” for our Los Angeles sky, IĀ loaded up the stroller with a 4 and 2 year old, tied two dogs to various parts of my body, laced up running shoes for an eager 6 year old and ran up to the trail to simply look up. Looking up, it never disappoints. Tonight, the sunset did not either.



Find your purpose, love what you do and be happy. Life is too short for anything else. Chase the sunsets, take pictures, watch kids run, run with them. Look up.

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